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It's easy to apply to sell on Tophatter!

First, you must complete the Seller Application.

Notification will be sent within three business days regarding your ability to sell on Tophatter.  If no message is received you can re-apply later. Please include additional details, and make sure Tophatter.com is added to your whitelist.

Next, we require some information of sellers in order to protect the marketplace. This includes:

We will not share this information with anyone, but may use it to run internal checks. If we are missing this information, your lot may be unscheduled or you may be unable to get started as a seller. 

In addition, optional information to include on your Seller Profile page includes: a biography, payment policy, shipping policy, refund policy, shop URL and social networking IDs. 


Once your Seller Application has been approved, you have provided the required information, and your Seller Profile is complete, you can start your first listing.

1. List a new item (also known as a lot). Once you've created a listing, you can Request To Schedule it from the menu.

2. At the auction, your item will be sold to the highest bidder.

3. The buyer will pay you directly, and you will ship the item to the buyer.

If you are present in the auction rooms you can answer questions that buyers may have. Your avatar will also go to the front of the room and you can talk about the item being sold. In our experience, items tend to sell better when the seller is in the room. 

Once your first item is sold, additional items may be selected to be scheduled into our featured auctions. 

We encourage all new sellers to review the Seller Tutorial, located on the right hand side when listing a new item. See below.


Last updated May 13, 2014 12:40PM PDT.

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