What is Target Price?

We want selling on Tophatter to be easy and fun, with this in mind we have made it so sellers only have to focus on a single price when listing their products: Target Price.

Target Price is the price (excluding shipping) at which you are willing to sell a product. Target Price should account for platform fees, the product unit cost, and your expected profit. An example breakdown is below


$3.00    Product Cost

$1.50    Fees

$2.50    Profit Margin

$7    Target Price


Once you set a Target Price, Tophatter will make your products available through our multiple channels including, but not limited to, auction, catalogs, and/or featured deals.

Our system will not list your products in auction at volume  if we don’t believe we can achieve the target prices you have set (on average), although they may still be listed in the catalogs at a price at, or higher than, your target price. Because of this, setting accurate Target Prices is key to your success on Tophatter. Target Prices set too high may reduce your sales. The more competitive the Target Price, the more exposure and volume you can expect.

Keep in mind that Tophatter does not offer reserve pricing and all auctions start at $1. If you set your Target Price to $1, the product may sell for $1.




我们希望在Tophatter上销售是简单轻松的,因此我们调整了系统,让卖家只需要在上架产品的时候只需要关注一个价格设置,那就是目标售价(Target Price)




$3 - 产品成本

$1.5 - 平台费用

$2.5 - 预期利润

$7 - 目标售价








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Last updated Apr 12, 2018 03:59PM PDT.