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Bazaar Auctions - A Bazaar is an auction that is open to all sellers and all categories of items that can be sold in Featured Auctions. The most common example of a Bazaar auction is the Daily Bazaar.

Showcase Auctions - Showcase auctions are auctions that are programmed to sell a certain type of item such as jewelry, electronics or beauty. Showcases have certain requirements to participate such as a particular star rating and amount of sales. Each showcase auction has different requirements. Please visit the scheduling page to view showcase requirements and visit the seller status page for additional information.

Partner Auctions - Partners host an entire auction comprising of 50-100 unique lots and are featured on Tophatter’s main page and upcoming auction schedule. Other sellers are not able to schedule into these auctions. Partners benefit through promotion to Tophatter's user base through email and exposure on the main page. Partner sellers bring a unique buying experience to the site through the variety of their items and seller professionalism. If you are a professional seller who would like to be considered for a partner auction, please visit the scheduling page and contact the Account Manager applicable to the type of Partner auction you would like to host.

Community Auctions -  A Community auction is an auction created and hosted by a member of the Tophatter community. These auctions have lower fees than other Tophatter auctions because the organizers are required to provide their own advertising and attendees. See more

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