What are the requirements for shipping?

1. All shipments, both domestic and international, are required to ship with valid tracking numbers.​​  

2. Orders that are not shipping to the US are not required to receive Delivery scans.


3. Shipped orders must be scanned as accepted by the carrier within 2 days of printing the shipping label.  If an item is not scanned as accepted by the shipping carrier within 2 calendar days of marking the item shipped and creating the shipping label, the item status will be considered untrackable. Having too many untrackable orders will impact a seller's ability to sell items and can delay payment until the shipping status has been resolved.


4. Sellers are responsible for making sure the carrier scans their items upon acceptance. Review our FAQ How do I create a SCAN form? if you plan to ship a large number of packages.

On Tophatter, the item's shipping status will shows as "Preparing to Ship" before the package has been scanned as accepted by the shipping carrier. The status will change to "In Transit" after the package has been officially accepted by the carrier. When the package is confirmed as delivered by the carrier, its status will update to "Delivered" on Tophatter.  If the carrier shows an update over 24 hours ago and Tophatter has not updated the status, please reach out to Support with the order number and tracking number so we may assist.

5. Hand delivery or local pick-up of items is not supported. All items must be shipped with valid tracking numbers.


Which shipping carriers or tracking formats are accepted?

Tophatter supports the following carriers. Only orders where tracking can be validated and tracked up to the point of delivery will be eligible for seller protection.

Recommend and Reliable Carriers:

  1. U.S. Postal Service (USPS)

  2. China EMS

  3. UPS

  4. FedEx

  5. Australia Post

  6. DHL eCommerce / DHL Global Mail

  7. DHL Global Mail Asia

  8. S.F. Express

  9. S.F. International

  10. UBI Logistics Australia (Not allowed for US orders)

  11. Yodel Domestic (UK orders only)

  12. Chukouyi (US only)


Other carriers (NOT RECOMMENDED):

  1. 4PX
  2. Canada Post
  3. China Post (Not allowed for US orders)
  4. German Post DHL
  5. Hong Kong Post
  6. India Post (International)
  7. Korea Post
  8. Lasership
  9. OnTrac
  10. Singapore Post (Not allowed for US orders)
  11. Taiwan Post
  12. UPS Mail Innovations
  13. Wise Express (US only)
  14. Yanwen (For US orders only, and only full tracking formats accepted)
  15. Yun Express (Not allowed for US orders)

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Last updated Mar 08, 2019 12:15PM PST.