Collectibles -
Collectibles includes antiques, coins, dolls, glassware, limited edition items, memorabilia, militaria, stamps trading cards and vintage items. This category does not include new jewelry.


In accordance with FTC guidelines, on Tophatter:


When listing items in this category, sellers must ensure that:



NOTE: Sellers located outside the United States cannot sell collectible coins

There are specific listing requirements for coins.

When listing coins, sellers must ensure that:


When listing coins as authentic sellers must also include:


Raw Coins

Coins that have not been graded or have been graded by an unapproved grading company cannot include:


Replicas and coin-like items


Precious Metals, Bullions & Rounds


Precious metals cannot be plated or filled; they are solid.

If an item doesn't qualify as a precious metal as described above, sellers must include the following information in their listing:



All precious metals listed to be sold on Tophatter must abide by the US Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Jewelry, Gemstones, Precious Metals and Pewter Industries guidelines as indicated here.

Stock Certificates and Bonds

There are specific listing requirements for cards.

Every listing is subject to review. Tophatter Staff may require information such as proof of purchase, additional photos or further details pertaining to the listed item at any given time.


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