Edibles - 

Edibles includes any edible or consumable item such as coffee, condiments, confections and desserts, gourmet foods, healthy snacks, homemade treats, mixes, non-alcoholic beverages, preserves, retail food products, spices and teas

Consumable items listed on Tophatter must comply with your own state and local laws and regulations regarding the sale of food and U.S. FDA regulations & guidelines, in addition to the following requirements.


For items in the Edibles category, we have two tiers, each with varying listing requirements:

Homemade items

When listing homemade items, sellers must ensure that:

Commercial Products

When listing commercial products, sellers must ensure that:

Every listing is subject to review. Tophatter Staff may require information such as proof of purchase, additional photos or further details pertaining to the listed item at any given time.

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Last updated Feb 07, 2019 12:28PM PST.