It is the responsibility of a seller to determine whether they need to charge sales tax, as well as report and remit the sales tax collected to the appropriate taxing authority.  Sales tax rules are complicated, and vary by jurisdiction and type of goods sold.  We recommend that you speak with a qualified tax adviser if you have any questions regarding your requirement to collect and remit sales tax.

In general, only online sellers with “nexus” (legalese for “a physical presence” such as a store, office or employee) in a state or district with sales tax laws are required to collect on items sold and delivered within their state.

If you determine that you are required to collect sales tax on your Tophatter sales to buyers in certain locations, you are responsible for remitting the required amount for sales tax from the winning amount the buyer pays to you. We recommend considering potential sales tax implications before deciding to sell on Tophatter. Tophatter cannot collect sales tax from the buyer for you.

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Last updated Jul 25, 2017 02:36PM PDT.