What is Scheduling Fee Bidding (SFB)?

SFB allows sellers to bid on a scheduling fee; the highest bidders will have more volume scheduled.

SFB puts the control of what products get scheduled into the sellers’ hands. The benefits of SFB for sellers include:

How much do I bid?

There is a suggested bid section for each category that shows the range of competing bids at that time. To stay competitive, we recommend bidding around or above that range. Don’t worry, if there are errantly high bids that are far higher than the next highest bid, the seller will only be charged the second highest bid + $.01.

You will never be charged more than your Scheduling Fee Bid, but that number will carry over every day, unless updated.

Max Daily Schedules - This is the maximum number of times you want a product scheduled per day.

When will I be charged for Scheduling Fees?  

Scheduling Fees are charged on every scheduled item, including non-sales.

What do I need to know to be successful?

How do I improve my sell rate and maximize the value?

We recommend tracking the sell rate of each product closely with the Scheduling Performance tool to ensure you are bidding on the right products. To improve your sell rate you can: set shipping rates low, ensure all products have good descriptions and that all variants are loaded if they are indicated in the listing.

What if Sellers set a Scheduling Fee Bid to $0.00?

This acts the same as setting the product to Catalog Only.

What should sellers set their Daily Budget to?

A good rule of thumb is to take the number of sales you wish to make in a day and multiply that by your average Scheduling Fee Bid. These numbers do not have to be exact to start, so just use general benchmarks. You will also want to add 20–30% buffer to account for non-sales.(depending on your sell rate. Example: Desired Sales (1000) x Avg SFB ($2) x Buffer (1.3 or 30%) = Daily Budget ($2,600)

What if sellers set their Daily Budget to $0.00?

This acts as if you are setting a category-wide Catalog Only. We will not schedule anything in the category at auction.

What if a product or seller account is blocked?

SFB is not a work around. All blocks will still apply.

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Last updated Feb 07, 2019 11:20AM PST.