Want to help surface your products to buyers who are interested in them? Use our Advertising options!
You can access these options by clicking on the Advertising menu under Seller Tools. (At this time advertising is only available to our Partner sellers.)

Tophatter has three advertising options available:

  1. Advertise Individual Products

  2. Standard Catalog

  3. Premium Catalogs

Advertise Individual Products:

You can advertise individual products on a pay-per-alert basis. This is considered performance-based advertising, in which you only pay if users set alerts.  To advertise this way, all you to do is select an item(s) and enter the following:

Please note that we use the word “bid” in two contexts on Tophatter.  The above context is referring to the price per alert.  It’s called a bid due to the fact that higher prices get better exposure.


Where do the products appear?

Individual products can be viewed in two sections primarily:

To boost your products in Catalogs and Search results, you can place a higher bid. For example, if you bid only $.05 per alert your items would most likely appear below someone paying $.40. You're able to type in different bids and look in the catalogs section or search for your items to see where your products are and if they are in a desirable location. When you advertise individual products, you're only paying by alert, which guarantees that you're only paying for what you actually get.

Advertise in Catalogs:

Catalogs are a collection of items exposed in the browsing section of app/site. These can be launched (or disabled) at any time and are purchased for a flat daily rate.  We currently offer two options:

You can hand-select the items that you want in your catalog (Premium or Standard) from your enabled inventory. Right now, catalogs are prorated by the hour based on when they're enabled. For example, if your premium catalog is enabled and runs for 16 hours ($6.25 per hour), then you will get charged 16 x $6.25 or $100.

It takes up to an hour for enabled catalogs to be seen by Tophatter customers, and up to an hour for disabled catalogs to be removed. You are only charged for the hours that your catalog is seen by Tophatter customers. Tophatter recommends enabling catalogs for a minimum of 6 hours.

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Last updated May 19, 2017 01:49PM PDT.