If you already paid for an item and need to request a refund, that option is available for up to 3 days after payment if the item has not shipped:

  1. Visit My Orders
  2. Click the item
  3. Click I have a question about my order
  4. Click Request a refund
  5. Add a note explaining why you are asking for a refund and click Request Refund.

Note: Requests for refund will be processed if requested within 2 hours of payment. 
If more than 2 hours have passed since payment, the request for refund may be declined by the seller.

You can still get a refund by refusing delivery on the order when it arrives. Once the seller has received it, we will process a refund.

To refuse delivery:

  1. Do not open the package.
  2. Write "refused" on the package and either give it back to the courier or drop it off at the post office within 3 days of delivery.
  3. Make sure the courier scans the package in your presence as refused. This is important as we cannot require a refund if the package does not show "refused" in the tracking details.
  4. Contact support and provide the Order number and tracking number so a refund can be processed.

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Last updated Jan 02, 2018 11:54AM PST.