Users can have one (1) account on Tophatter.

Sellers within a household, family or business can have separate accounts only if the accounts meet the following conditions:


  1. Accounts used to accept payment must be owned by individuals with different, unique names and account numbers.
  2. Accounts that share information across multiple accounts must not sell the same type of items or any items within the same category.

If multiple accounts are discovered which do not meet the above conditions:

For sellers: We will block the accounts and ask for more information to separate the accounts as explained in this FAQ. If the accounts cannot be separated, multiple accounts will remain blocked. 

If sellers are found selling under multiple accounts, or if accounts which share information are found selling in the same category, this is considered avoiding specific selling guidelines and we will automatically block these accounts.

For buyers: We will merge any multiple accounts into your primary account.

If buyers are found creating additional accounts to avoid bidding or account blocks or to bypass restrictions, this is considered avoiding specific guidelines. We will automatically block these accounts.

At Tophatter, accounts which share information are considered to be one account under our risk management policies.  If an account is blocked or suspended, any accounts which share information with that account will also be blocked.

Users, households, families or businesses cannot register new accounts or utilize existing accounts to avoid any buyer or seller restrictions or to avoid suspensions due to violations of policy.

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Last updated Dec 29, 2016 02:40PM PST.