All items sold on Tophatter must be authentic.

If an item cannot be authenticated, the item will be unscheduled and the seller's account will be blocked pending a review of the seller's proof of authenticity. 

We will ask the seller to submit their receipt or invoice from an authorized retailer of the item
 to Customer Support.

To avoid concerns about authenticity:

Tophatter recommends that sellers only source their merchandise through reputable wholesalers and do plenty of research.

We also recommend that sellers who sell used items keep their original receipts and if purchasing second-hand, make sure the previous owner has this information and provides it at the time of sale.

Authentic items that meet all requirements are less likely to be unable to be authenticated. Read about the specific requirements for fashion items under Listing Guidelines: Apparel. 

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Last updated Feb 06, 2019 01:11PM PST.