• Review your product ratings and re-evaluate the quality of items you are selling. Rating Stats can be a great tool for gauging which items are hits and which are misses.
  • If you don't have stock in hand and drop-ship items, a hands-on quality test and inspection of each type of item that you sell will help you get to know your inventory and cultivate great product ratings. It's worth discontinuing the sale of items that feel, look or seem low quality to you.
  • Add details to your product listings such as exact dimensions, measurements in English units for all apparel items, and objects, mannequins, or a ruler for size comparison in your photos to help buyers understand what to expect when the item arrives.
  • State the condition of your products accurately and be sure to disclose any flaws, wear, damage or odors.

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Last updated Jul 19, 2016 12:12PM PDT.