Sales tax

If you reside in some states within the United States, state-specific sales tax may be included on your order when you check out, and will be reflected as a separate line on your invoice.

Please consult a qualified tax professional with any questions regarding state sales tax which has been paid on Tophatter orders.

On orders where state sales tax has not been paid through Tophatter, we recommend consulting a qualified tax professional to determine whether you will owe state sales tax.


Customs duties, import VAT & postage due

Customs, VAT, and additional location-specific fees resulting in "postage due" are not charged through the Tophatter platform and will not be included on your order when you check out.

ayment of these is the responsibility of the buyer. These fees cannot be reimbursed by Tophatter in any event, such as if the product is returned.

Customs requires that sellers quote the actual value of each item. We cannot provide order-specific advice regarding Customs, VAT and other location specific fees. If you have questions about a tax or fee incurred, we recommend consulting your local import laws, as well as your local post for additional details.

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Last updated Jun 05, 2018 10:36AM PDT.