Each item has an estimated delivery date which you can see by clicking the picture of the item. These dates are estimates, not guaranteed delivery dates, and vary based on the location of the partner's items and shopper's delivery destination. 

Orders usually ship within 1-5 days of payment.

The status of each order can be reviewed from My Orders under the menu. Click the item, then click Track Package.

If your order status is "In Transit"

Shoppers and partners on Tophatter are located all over the world, and orders shipping from outside of your home country may take longer to arrive. Orders often pass through multiple shipping carriers, and to save time, scans may be missed along the way, which can result in irregular tracking updates. We understand there may be unexpected delays between shipping carriers and Customs, and ask that you please allow up to 60 days for delivery.

If the estimated delivery date has passed, you haven't received your order, and it has not been confirmed delivered to the Shipping Address provided at the time of payment through a tracking number, you may report the late order to us from My Orders by clicking the item, then clicking Where's My Item?

We will log your report, and if the item has not been confirmed delivered through tracking after 60 days from the shipment date, we will automatically process a full refund. If you have followed these steps and have not received a refund for an order that meets these criteria, please contact our support team. Please note, we can offer Buyer Protection for up to 180 days from the payment date, and most orders will arrive within 60 days.

If your order status is "Delivered"

Sometimes packages passing through multiple shipping carriers incorrectly result in a "Delivered" status on you order when the package is actually still in transit. You can confirm if this has happened by clicking Track Package to view the scan history and full 
tracking details.

If the tracking number confirms delivery to your Shipping Address and you didn't receive the package, don't worry; shipping carriers may deliver items within 2-3 days of scanning "Out for Delivery" or "Delivered." If you've waited 3 days and don't see your package, here are some additional tips:

If your order still hasn't arrived after 3 days, we suggest reporting the issue to the shipping carrier directly. If several packages have been lost or stolen, we recommend reporting this to a higher authority such as the postal inspector, or your local police department.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Buyer Protection when tracking confirms an order has been delivered to the Shipping Address city.

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Last updated Mar 13, 2019 10:13AM PDT.