Congratulations! You will be asked to pay immediately after winning the item

To pay on the web:

  • Click Pay
  • Choose a size/color if options are available
  • Select Checkout or PayPal Checkout
    • If you select PayPal Check out, a login window will pop-up for you to enter your details and complete your payment through PayPal.
    • If you select Checkout, enter your card details or choose a card on file, and complete your payment.

To pay on the app:
  • Click Pay
  • Choose a size/color if options are available
  • Click Next
  • Select Apple Pay/Google Pay, Credit Card, or PayPal
    • If you select Apple Pay or Google Pay, tap the button at the bottom to complete your payment.
    • If you select Credit Card, enter your credit card details, or choose a card on file. 
    • If you select PayPal, tap the button at the bottom to log in to your PayPal account and complete your payment through PayPal. 

If you need more time to pay:

You can request a payment extension of up to 7 days by following these steps:

  • ​Click My Orders
  • Click the item
  • Click More, then click "Request To Pay Later" 

Please note: 

  • Pay Later is not available on Deal of the Day.
  • The Pay Later option is available for up to 3 days from winning, or until canceled or shipped.
  • If your item has a brand-name, you will not be able to request payment extension.
    Buyers can request up to 4 extensions at any time, with a limit of 5 total unpaid orders at any time.

​More Details:


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Last updated Aug 15, 2018 08:47AM PDT.