You can request address change if an item purchased in a live auction hasn't shipped yet.

Note: Address change is not an option on Buy Now purchases. 

To request an address change:

  1. Visit My Orders 
  2. Click the item
  3. Click Change Address 
  4. Choose Add different address and enter your correct address, or select the correct address from the options
  5. Select a reason for changing then click Request Address Change
  6. You will receive a confirmation if the seller accepts the address change request
To manage shipping addresses on file:

  1. Visit Account Info
  2. Click Manage Addresses
  3. Edit or Delete an existing address or click Add Mailing Address to add a new address

It is extremely important to be sure the shipping address is entered correctly at the time of payment because sellers will ship to the address you provide. 

If paying with PayPal, be sure to select or enter the correct address on the PayPal payment screen when making payment. 

If an order has already shipped to an incorrect address provided at the time of payment and the order is returned to the seller because it is undeliverable, the seller will be able to issue a refund less shipping. 

Note: Sellers are responsible for providing a valid tracking number to confirm that the item reaches the shipping address provided by the buyer at the time of payment.  

The seller is not liable if tracking shows the item was delivered to the shipping address provided and you did not receive it, or if the item was misplaced or stolen after it was delivered.

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Last updated Jan 25, 2017 08:03PM PST.