SKU stands for stock-keeping unit. Many wholesale and retailers use SKUs to manage their inventory.

Unique Product IDs or SKUs, sellers on Tophatter can organize and quickly update their inventory using their SKU as a Unique Product ID.

While Tophatter automatically generates an item number for each individual listing and an order number for each order that is sold, Unique Product IDs can be created by the seller and are used for keeping track of products and product variations. 

For example, a seller might create a Unique Product ID based on a model such as MK-JETSET2-LARGE or a number that is meaningful based on the item type and/or where the stock is located, such as NECKLACE-STY48-BIN07. Sellers can create a Unique Product ID such as APPLE-CASE, and then choose Product Variation IDs such as APPLE-CASE-BLUE, APPLE-CASE-RED, and so on.

By organizing inventory this way, Tophatter can also display information to sellers about how a Unique Product ID is performing, including statistics such as average selling price, sell-rate, etc. 


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Last updated Feb 07, 2019 10:45AM PST.