Apparel -

Apparel includes wearable garments for adults such as blouses, coats, dresses, intimates such as bras, panties, boxers, shapewear, swimsuits, teddies and underwear, jackets, jumpsuits, leggings, pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, sweaters twinsets and tops.


For all Apparel items, we do not require, but recommend adding:


Intimates -

Intimates includes corsets, lingerie and undergarments.

There are specific listing requirements for Intimates.

When listing intimates, sellers must ensure that:

For Intimates listings, don't:

Additionally, adult-only items and used undergarments cannot be sold on Tophatter.

We have two tiers, each with varying listing requirements:

Fashion Brands

There are specific listing requirements for fashion brands.
When listing fashion brands sellers must ensure that: 
These items are eligible for sale in Fashion Brands auctions.


Unbranded & Wholesale Brands

  • These items are typically sold at a lower price point and are mass-produced.

  • These items do not usually have a serial number or special mark of authenticity.

  • Examples include, but are not limited to: Cherokee, Merona, ModDeals, Mossimo, Mossy Oak, PattyBoutik, ROMWE, RoseGal, SAMMYDress, Treviso, Tyche Donca, White Stag.

There are no additional listing requirements for unbranded & wholesale brands.

These items are eligible for sale in Apparel & Accessories auctions.


Every listing is subject to review. Tophatter Staff may require information such as proof of purchase, additional photos or further details pertaining to the listed item at any given time.

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