There are 2 types of sellers on Tophatter

Trial: Trial sellers are generally new sellers who are learning how to use the platform before becoming partners.
Trial terms are intended to allow a seller to test selling on Tophatter for a limited amount of time. If you have Trial selling terms you can expect to sell no more than 1-25 items a week. 

Partner: Partner sellers are merchants who are familiar with selling on online e-commerce platforms, can provide top-tier customer service, and who can sell upwards of 500 items per week in a specific category.

All scheduling is dependent upon maintaining excellent account health. Sellers who ship on time with valid tracking and who list p
roducts with a history of high Product Rating Stats have a better likelihood of being scheduled.

Do you have the inventory and want to sell in a higher volume? Apply to become a Partner.

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Last updated Jun 05, 2017 03:52PM PDT.