By paying upon delivery, Tophatter can provide excellent buyer protection. 
  • Sellers are paid every 60 days. Payouts will occur on the payout day 60 days after their previous payout. 
    • If there is no previous payout the first payout will occur 60 days from the day the selling account was created.
    • More frequent, twice monthly, payout cycles may be available to Top Sellers and Preferred Sellers who maintain at least a Preferred Status for a consistent period of time. Eligibility will be determined by Tophatter at the beginning of each month and the seller's account/Payouts page updated if necessary.
  • Sellers who have received their last payout 60 days ago will be included in the next batch of payouts. Payouts are batched and processed twice monthly on the 1st and 16th. If either of these days falls on a weekend or holiday the payout will fall on the next following business day.
  • In general, payments will be made to sellers only after delivery of the item has been confirmed through the tracking information.
  • Payment status can be tracked under Payouts in your account. 
  • There is a $5.00 payout minimum. You will receive a payout as soon as your net payout amount exceeds $5.00.
  • If orders are marked as shipped, but do not show acceptance by a carrier, they will be refunded 15 days after they are marked as shipped. If delivery of an order cannot be verified, the payment will be held for a minimum of 30 days from the date of shipment before it is paid out.
  • Funds in closed accounts will he held for a minimum of 90 days and/or until all orders have been delivered. Tophatter reserves the right to extend this time period as deemed necessary.


  • 卖家将每60天收到一次货款,即在上一次放款日60天后收到货款。

  • 如果之前没有收到过货款,您将在账户创建60天后的第一个放款日收到货款。

  • 我们将在每个月初考核过去天的账户表现,如果您的等级一直保持在顶级卖家或者优选卖家,将可以享受每个月2次的放款。

  • 我们将在每个月1号和16号分两批放款,如果当天是节假日,您将在之后的第一个工作日收到货款。

  • 一般情况下,物流信息显示妥投后,卖家才可以收到货款。

  • 放款状态可以在您的账户的’Payouts’下进行追踪。

  • 最低放款金额为5美金,当您的额度超过5美金,您将收到对应货款。

  • 如果订单被标记为已发货,但是没有显示揽收,这笔订单将在标记发货15天后退款。如果无法证明物品已经妥投,我们将对订单进行审核,保留货款从标记发货开始计算至少30天。

  • 注销账户中的资金将保留至少90天/直到所有订单已经妥投。Tophatter保留根据需要延长这段时间的权利。

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Last updated May 31, 2018 05:05PM PDT.