What is a SCAN form?

Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice or SCAN forms contain a master barcode that includes all the packages in a shipment. A postal worker can scan a single barcode which will enter all of the associated packages into the USPS database as "Shipment Accepted."

SCAN forms streamline the scanning process when you drop your items off at the Post Office, and help sellers ensure their packages have been scanned and will be tracked successfully.

How to Create SCAN Forms on Tophatter:

  1. Claim or Purchase the shipping labels
  2. Click Orders under the Selling section and filter to Shipped
  3. Click the Scan Form button
  4. Select the shipping label date from the drop down menu for the SCAN form you'd like to create.
  5. Select the orders you'd like to be included in the SCAN form.
  6. Click the Create Scan Form button
  7. Once the form finishes processing it will be available for printing. 
Need to re-print a form? No problem! All previous SCAN forms are listed on the main SCAN Form page.

Note: SCAN forms must be created on the same day the shipping labels are claimed or purchased. Shipping labels can't be voided after a SCAN form has been created.


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Last updated Feb 07, 2019 10:11AM PST.