To process a refund:

  1. Visit the Orders page
  2. Search for the order you'd like to refund. On the menu next to the item, click Issue Refund 
  3. A pop up will ask how much you want to refund and you can select from several options based on the customer's purchase. The options shown will be based on the specific purchase and may include some or all of the following:

If you process a refund for a payment that hasn't settled, the payment will be Voided. That means payment is reversed before settling.  

If the payment has already settled, Tophatter will refund the buyer’s payment back to the buyer using Tophatter's bank account (money will not be taken from your checking account).

A Refund Deduction will be added to your Fees for the amount disbursed to you. In other words, you will not pay seller fees on the transaction. The transaction will say Refunded on your Items page.

Example: A customer asks for a refund on a $100 purchase. The seller paid Tophatter $20 in fees and received $80 in their bank account for this order. When the refund is issued, Tophatter will send the customer $100 from the Tophatter bank account and invoice the seller for only $80 as $20 has already been paid to Tophatter.


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Last updated Mar 26, 2018 12:12PM PDT.