Payment will be disbursed after delivery of the item has been confirmed.

How to get started:
Click Sell and complete the form. 

How do I receive payments?
If you are based in the US, we payout directly to your US bank account via ACH.  If you are based outside of the US, you can withdraw funds to your local bank account or to a Mastercard prepaid debit card.  We have partnered with 3rd party providers to make payouts simple and easy.

How seller fees work:

When a buyer pays you, Tophatter automatically deducts seller fees from the payment before it is paid to you, so you don’t need to pay those fees later.  To view the fees for an item, go to the Manage page under Orders and click the View Fees option on the menu next it.  Fees that cannot be deducted will be deducted from the next payout.

Processing fees:
Each payment incurs a processing fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.

When to ship items:
Please ship the item as soon as the order status is Paid on the Manage page under Orders.  This means the buyer has successfully paid and there is no need to wait to ship.

How Seller Protection works:
It's simple! Just ship with a valid tracking number to the mailing address provided by the buyer, and you will be covered by Seller Protection against all "item not received" claims.

When are payments made to sellers?:
Sellers will receive payment every 60 days. Payouts occur twice a month on the 1st and the 16th of the month (or the next following business day). Orders are paid out after delivery of that item has been confirmed. Visit the How does payment on delivery work? FAQ for more details.
How you can refund buyers:
Visit the How do I Process a Refund? FAQ for details. 

I live outside of the United States and I don't have a US bank account.  How can I receive payment?
Tophatter has partnered with Payoneer to allow sellers outside of the United States to withdraw funds to your local bank account or to a prepaid Mastercard debit card.  
Payoneer enables global businesses to pay sellers by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments in more than 200 countries and 100 currencies.

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Last updated Jul 16, 2018 02:46PM PDT.